By Matthew Mirman

Writing distributed code is a necessary evil. It shouldn't be, though. Writing distributed code shouldn't always require tedious standards or machine-level knowledge or giant complicated libraries or multiple poorly-interacting languages. It should be as simple and succinct to write code for communicating between computers as it is to write your first guess the number game. Haskell turns out to be a great language for writing such succinct code. In this workshop I'm going to show you a Haskell you've never seen before and help you write a multi-node "Hello World" game. Please bring a laptop. You won't need to have seen Haskell before, but some SML and/or Python experience would be helpful.

Day Saturday
Time 10:30 - 12:00
Location GHC 4102

Ahead of time:

You should download the newest haskell package and mac dev tools.